Nally & Millie

Nally & Millie label and the company was incorporated in 1999.

Nally’s background in working for fashion retailers when she was young and department stores as a salesperson on the floor made her understand the apparel business fast and excel in clothing designs. James with his background in the US Navy and personal computer retailing business was definitely an unusual mix.

Staying with their vision, hard work and dedication, they have built a manufacturing facility in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. It was very important to both James and Nally to produce domestically in order to stay on top of sampling processes, quality control in production and delivery on time.

Known for her imperturbable approach to design, Nally’s collections are fashionably consistent every season. Through the use of vivid colors and proprietary prints, Nally’s natural instinct towards design makes a statement that the customers learned to expect from her products.

Nally & Millie’s versatile clothing addresses the real-life needs of people everyone, from work to weekend. Effortless fashion proudly made in USA.

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