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Montana West Collections combine the best of traditional western elements with a modern woman’s touch. We offer only the highest quality fabrics, trims, and hardwares at an affordable price that no other competitor can beat. Just as the Wild West is an integral part of American History, Montana West handbags are an integral part of the modern cowgirl’s outfit. Our items are more than just a simple accessory; they are to show off your individualism, strength, and trailblazing nature! MW handbags are an essential addition to every cowgirl's wardrobe; they ensure that every Montana West cowgirl is always ready to Ride and Shine!

 Looking for something a bit more classy? Our label Trinity Ranch features a cleaner, more luxurious look and feel by using real leather elements within its designs. TR started off with a desire to attract more mature western enthusiasts by offering better selections with an elegant look at still the same affordable price tag. Keeping the same high standards in quality of fabrics, trims, and hardware, TR raises the bar for style. Whether it’s to work, on a date, or a night out with friends, you can bet that you’ll be able to look professional yet still stylish at the same time!

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